What Is The Best Niche To Start A Website?

What is the best niche to start a website?

First off let’s clarify the word niche. In the US it is pronounced ‘nitch’ in the UK it is pronounced ‘neesh’, as it originates from a french word the UK pronunciation is more correct but for our purposes it doesn’t really matter. It basically refers to a segment of the market for a particular type of product or service. Basically.. what is your website going to be about?

There are two factors that you need to bear in mind here, and for this I am assuming that you are intending to make money out of your website.

The first factor is your familiarity and knowledge of the niche. Is it something that you have a passion for, or an interest in? Readers like to see passion, knowledge, interest, accuracy and expertise in a particular niche or topic. They aren’t coming to your website to read the ramblings of someone who hasn’t a clue about the subject matter. Of course we can all research any given topic but what you don’t want to be doing is just copying someone else, otherwise your visitors may have well just gone there to read it instead, and if you do just copy someone else’s work then your webpage is likely to be ignored by Google anyway.

When I write my content, it mostly just comes from within my head because I have done this for so long now that I only have to research to check that any factual statement that I make is still valid and correct. If I had to research every single line I would run out of steam very quickly and my audience would very likely already know more than I do, which is not a great position to be in.

So if your website is content based then you should write about something that you already know and enjoy. For example, I know nothing about special needs education and couldn’t string more than a couple of sentences together about it. However, my wife is a highly trained special needs education provider and is the head of a brand new special needs school and could write thousands of pages about it, but is far too busy to have the time to do so.

The second factor that then comes into play is……well is it actually worth starting a website about it?

By that I mean..can you actually make any money from it? Making money from a website is known as monetizing it. If it is an eCommerce website that sells a physical product, then are there enough people around who might want to buy this product? and if so is there a lot of competition in this area? Don’t get me wrong, you can sell almost anything online if you can find your target customers. But finding them might be the problem. If, for example, you sell water soluble swimwear or wellington boots for parrots, you might have a very limited customer base. If you sell dog collars then you have a huge potential customer base with a similarly huge number of competitors, which also impacts your ability to make money from it.

The same applies both affiliate marketing and adsense marketing. With affiliate marketing you are looking for products in your niche to promote, with adsense marketing you are hoping that there are google adwords advertisers who are paying for ads in your niche. Just to clarify here adsense is sort of the opposite side of the coin to adwords. With adwords or just Google Ads, as it is known now. That’s how long I have been doing this….it was called Google Adwords when I started! So A Google Ads customer pays for ads that are clicked on in either Google search results or Google’s content network. You as a website owner can be part of Google’s content network by joining Google Adsense. What then happens is that you have a website about something, let’s say its about dogs and ads related to dogs appear on your pages. When your visitors click on the ads, you are paid for those clicks and the Google Ads account holder is charged. Don’t get too excited it’s not as profitable as it once was.

Way back when….in the early 2000’s I used to build websites just to make money from Google Ads. However back then I knew far less than I know now. I built one such website around Caribbean vacation destinations. Lots of sand and golden beaches and articles about where to go and what to see. At its peak Google was paying me around $800 a month for the ads that were displayed on my website. In those days they used to post you a cheque/check which you paid into your bank account.

Of course $800 was nice to receive but my mistake was in choosing that particular niche, because there were only a relatively few businesses paying for Google ads back then and my visitors were just seeing the same ads over and over and this lack of variety meant that I didn’t make that much.What then happened was that the internet became much more competitive, there were more and more websites crowding the same space and my Caribbean vacation earnings dwindled down to next to nothing. Adsense is no longer a viable earning potential unless you have vast numbers of articles over a huge number of topics. So you need to focus on Affiliate Marketing, promoting someone else’s product which you then earn a commission if the sale originates from your website.

In affiliate marketing your niche needs to be broad enough to have a range of products to promote, but narrow enough that you can build your website as a specialist in it’s field. So you wouldn’t want to join Amazon’s affiliate program and promote every product that they sell, but you might build a website that focuses on telescopes and binoculars and related equipment, guides and books. By the way Amazon’s affiliate commission isn’t the best so if you did build a website based on telescopes and binoculars then do make sure that you investigate other affiliate programs in that niche.

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