The Best Hosting For High Traffic WordPress Sites in 2021

The Best Hosting For High Traffic WordPress Sites

Of course most of you will be familiar with WordPress, it is the engine that powers an incredible 75 million websites all around the globe. Once set up it is incredibly easy to write an new post, or article or page and have it published on the internet within seconds of you finishing it. WordPress is so popular because it is so easy to use. Of course the initial set up requires some knowledge and instructions but I cover that in a different article. But as your website grows in size and popularity your visitor traffic grows so you need to be aware of which is the best hosting for high traffic wordpress sites.

However as your WordPress website grows it becomes bulky, as you create more pages and upload more images it takes up more space on your hosting companies server. If you create backups, each one is effectively a copy of your website and sooner or later the storage space available to you becomes full and you could be asked to upgrade to a more expensive hosting plan. This happened to me a few years ago. I was hosting a collection of websites with one host and one day all of my websites went down, all together at the same time. I contacted my host and was told that I was using up too much space so they had suspended my websites. I was given no warning and the only solution was too switch too a more expensive plan, to get my websites live again. Soon after I changed hosting companies and will not use that particular one again. I don’t have a problem having to upgrade if I go over my agreed storage limit but to be shut down without warning was unnacceptable. So beware as your website grows, so does your storage requirements. It is good practice the delete what you don’t need. Don’t keep lots of back up copies and remove things like plugins and themes that you aren’t using as they just use up your available server storage space.

Then as your website grows and matures within the search engines, hopefully your traffic increases, by traffic i mean the number of visitors to your website. it’s logical really isn’t it, a new website takes time for search engines to index it, they first of all need to find it, then once they have found it, they need to index it, once they index it they can understand what it is about and how it compares to other similar websites and they can then rank it within their search engine results pages. All this can take time and of course depending on how well your website is constructed and written depends on its ranking. A website light on content with poorly written content, or worse still copied content will always flounder somewhere deep in the unseen depths of the results pages, so always write fresh original content, don’t be tempted to just copy somebody else’s work, even if you use software to rewrite it. It is a false economy, making good quality unique content is always better than stuffing your website with low quality lightweight content.

As this traffic organically grows you will get more visitors and that in its own right brings more visitors. Search engines are watching your activity, links from other sites indicate your websites worth, but not just any links, but more of that another time. If you think of your sever as a tank of water with a tap on the side. The tap can open to allow just a trickle through but as you turn the tap more water can flow through. A small tap let’s less water out than a huge tap.

Your web hosting companies server is the tank, it only holds so much water before it is full. If you want to hold more water you need a bigger tank. The tap is how your website information reaches the outside world. If too many people are trying to get water out at the same time there becomes a queue and nobody likes to wait for long in a queue do they. What happens with your website is that if too many people try to access it at the same time it slows down, pages take longer to load, imagesmight not load at all, and your visitors go elsewhere.

In the early days this isn’t a problem as your visitor numbers are low so any hosting company will do, but bear another factor in mind. The cheapest hosting plans are always shared plans, that means that your website is sharing space on the server with other websites, so you are all trying to fit your water into the same tank and get it out to your thirsty visitors through the same tap. Again, not a big deal in the beginning, ut as you grow and your server mates grow things could get a bit crowded in there.

So when you choose your host also look at the next hosting levels up from the entry level one because if your website becomes the success you hope it will, that’s probably where you are heading.

So which is The Best Hosting For High Traffic WordPress Sites?

From our initial surveys we have narrowed these down to the following 4 website hosting companies based on my own experience combined with WordPress’s own recommendations.

  1. Siteground
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostinger
  4. Hostgator

So let’s look at them in more detail with regard to hosting high traffic on your wordpress website


Siteground are very well known for having great WordPress set up and support. Issues, not that there are many are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Their starter plan in the UK costs £5.99 per month. For this you get an easy one click WordPress install with 10Gb of storage space and 10,000 visits per month. They will give you a free domain name of your choice (subject to availability) and a free SSL certificate so that you can be https secure rather than just http. This is ideal for virtually any starter site. If you intend to have multiple websites then you need to go with their next plan up which starts at £8.99 per month but you can have as many websites o the server as you need, but you will have course have to purchase each domain name that you need. This plan doubles the storage space to 20Gb and the monthly visits increases to 25,000. Their top plan takes you to 40Gb of storage and 100,000 visits, so enough for almost any website and cost £12.99 per month. Please note that these are first year costs discounted from their usual prices of £11.99/£19.99/£29.99, which will kick in at the first annual renewal.


Again Bluehost are very well known and respected amongst WordPress users. Their monthly visitor allowance is very high at around 400,000, compared with that of Siteground, but whether you would ever need that is debatable. Their monthly costs are very low at £2.06/£3.70/£4.08, again these are starting prices, at renewal they will increase to £6.73/£8.97/£12.72. One thing to bear in mind is that you are paying for 3 years in advance compared to Sitegrounds 1 year. This means that your starting investment with Siteground is £71.88 compared to Bluehost’s £74.16, but you are getting 3 years for just a few pounds more.


Hostinger are another hosting company with easy WordPress installation and management tools. Their plans start at just £0.99 per month, but you pay for 4 years up front which then renews at £2.99 per month. So your initial investment is just £47.52 for 4 years! You get a free SSL certificate and the plan is good for 10,000 visits per month and one website which you get free as part of the package. If you need more storage or multiple website their ext plan is £1.99 a month for the 4 years which is £95.52 and doubles the storage space to 20Gb and gives you 25,000 monthly visits. You can go for a third tier giving you 100,000 monthly visits and 100Gb of storage but to start with that is overkill and you could always upgrade later if you needed to.


Hostgator are another well established hosting provider with one click WordPress install. Their entry level plan starts at $2.75 a month on a 3 year package, after 3 years it renews at the standard price of $6.95 a month. They will give you one free domain name. If you need multiple sites then the plan is $3.50 a month. Storage/bandwidth/visits is unmetered but this has to be within their terms of service, so basically the small print says that there are circumstances where you may exceed the limitations but it is unlikely.

The Best Hosting For High Traffic WordPress Sites

I evaluated more than just these 4 hosting companies but to be honest most of them are quite good but nothing that stood out particularly to warrant them being rated any higher than these four. So which one came out top….and why?

In order they came out as follows .

Siteground – I have to put Siteground in first place because it’s the one that I use myself for all my WordPress websites. I have used many over the years but for WordPress, for me Siteground is where I put my money and trust so if I were you I would do the same. Everything works as it should first time and if you do come across an issue then it is resolved at lightning speed so I have no hesitation i recommending them.

Use the link in the image below to see all of their plans and pricing

Bluehost – If I didn’t use Siteground I would use Bluehost, they match Siteground in every area plus they are cheaper. If I was starting from scratch again I would definitely consider using them.

Use the link below to view their plans. Web Hosting $3.95

Hostgator – Hostgator came in at a very close third place. Nothing against them. The pricing was great and they have a superb reputation. Give them a try I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Hostinger – Initially in first position because of having the lowest priced package that gives you a fully operating wordpress website including domain name and SSL for 4 years for less then £50! As your website grows you can keep moving through their economically priced plans. Their WordPress Premium plan for example can host up to 300 websites, with 100Gb of storage and up to 300,000 monthly visits for just £6.89 a month if you start with that plan and £15.99 when you renew 4 years later. That’s an amazing package for a huge amount of traffic volume. Even their unlimited bandwidth packages can be accessed for as little as £7.99 a month! However as part of this review I opened a hosting account with them and I have to say the experience was very poor. Nothing worked as it should. There were constant issues. I was overcharged. It took days to resolve anything. Eventually I cancelled and requested a refund. I cannot recommend them under any circumstances.

So the top 3 in order of preference are as follows, and yes I use Siteground for all my websites.

  1. Siteground – Great prices and great support
  2. Bluehost – Great prices and great support
  3. Hostgator – Great prices and great support
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