How To Start Your New Online Income

Throughout this website there are various articles that talk in detail about how to create a new online income. I constantly add new content with tips, strategies and instructions to help you on your way, but I understand that as someone new to this you need a starters guide to the steps to go through to reach the point where you are earning money online. If you just follow each step and read the other pages on here, you will get there, it’s just a case of following and completing the steps. If you order the free eBook at the bottom of the page you will also get my monthly newsletter with links to all my latest articles and advice, so don’t forget to sign up for that.

Choose Your Affiliate Marketing Topic

Affiliate Marketing is about promoting other peoples products and services. To promote them you need a website, unless you have a website it is virtually impossible to do so. But don’t worry I will guide you step by step through an easy process to set up a brand new website, and no you don’t need any design skills or computer coding or web design skills. It is this website that is going to bring the visitors that will see the products that you are promoting and hopefully buy them and earn you a commission.

You will of course need a computer. It can be a desktop pc, a laptop, notebook or even an iPad. You can easily build a website using any of these.

Of course just random people visiting your website isn’t going to produce sales, so your website is going to be set up to attract highly targeted visitors who are already interested the products that you are promoting. They will already know what products to expect to see before they get there and are already in a buying frame of mind, so the chances of a sale are that much higher.

In the world of affiliate marketing there is an endless supply of products and services that you can promote. Absolutely anything you could possibly name is available to be promoted and from a wide range of suppliers all keen to pay you a commission for providing the sale. Just one example is Amazon, they will happily pay you for the sales your website generates and you probably know already that you can buy just about anything from Amazon, and Amazon is just one of thousands of sources of products that you can promote.

For this reason as well as many others you need to decide on a specific sector of this huge market to concentrate on. In affiliate marketing this is known as your niche. The tighter and more specific your niche is, the easier it is to drive eager customers to your website. Many affiliate marketers make the mistake of trying to promote everything they possibly can. All that happens then is that you end up competing directly with Amazon and you will loose the battle.

In reality your niche should be something that you are already interested in, because you are going to be writing about it on your website and it is always easier to write about something that you have a passion for, or an interest in. Think about your hobbies and interests, maybe you enjoy gardening, or sport, or outdoor adventuring, or cooking, genealogy or crocheting. It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as you have an interest in it.

Once you have picked to subject matter, focus in even tighter on an aspect of it. Let’s say you like the great outdoors, you are sporty and like a little adrenalin. Youmight build your affilate marketing around rock climbing and fell walking. You could review clothing and equipment, you could give your Top 10 backpacks, you could compare climbing boots A with climbing boots B. You could promote places to go and to stay. You could talk about outdoor survival equipment as well as cameras and drones. A broad range of products that can all be tightly linked in to your core niche. You are then tapping in to a sporty hobby which is where people spend money. Hmmm.. I might do that one myself. But any given area of interest you can focus right down to one thing and then expand to bring products and services that link in to that one thing.

Buy a Website Domain Name And Hosting

A website domain is the name of the website, the name that someone types in to reach your website. Hosting is just the company that delivers your website to the worldwide web. You need both and you can get both together from the same place very cheaply. This is your only financial outlay to start your business and can be easily done for less than £100. I show you step by step how to do this.

Easily Set up Your New Website

Once you have your domain and hosting you will have a link from the hosting company to your hosting account dashboard. Here you can easily with just a few clicks install a fully functioning WordPress website. WordPress is just the system that allows you to type content into the website. It’s just like typing an email or a letter but what you type appears on your website. From the website’s control panel you can change the look and design of your website and also install extra items that help the functionality of the website. I will show you step by step how to do this.

Find Affiliate Products To Promote

Because you now have a niche to promote to your customers you make a list of all the types of product and services that would be of interest to your website visitors. So going back to my earlier example it might be Outdoor Clothing, Climbing Accessories, Climbing Equipment, Cameras and Drones. These become your website Categories (Sections that hold all of your content relating to this category). You then need to apply to affiliate programs so that you can promote their products. In your category their are going to be hundreds of potential ones to join. Affiliate programmes are either run by the seller themselves, or they will join an affiliate network company who will organise it for them.

For example you could apply to be an Amazon Affiliate which allows you to promote every product on Amazon and get paid a commission when they sell. But you should also apply to other network programmes and supplier programmes. I will guide you through these but an example might be Craghoppers, they are an outdoor clothing company who have an affiliate programme through a network called Awin. To promote Craghoppers you join Awin as an affiliate, that then gives you access to all the other companies in Awin’s network. There are lots of other networks cto join to. Joining a network does not cost you anything but it’s best to have some content on your website first. So start with Amazon.

When you join a programme you have a unique link that you place on your website. So if you were promoting Craghoppers products, you would have a unique link that you put on your website that takes your visitor from your website to theirs. That unique link then remembers which customers your link has sent to the sellers website and it remembers it for a set period of time, it might be 90 days, for example. So now if that customer buys any product, not just the one that you were promoting in the next 90 days, you get the commission. That is how powerful affiliate marketing is. You are sending qualified customers who are interested in buying, and they have 90 days to buy anything at all. Can you imagine sending hundreds of people each month to Craghoppers, and hundreds each month, to hundreds of other website, all paying you a commission on sales generated. Of course getting to that stage takes some work but it is a definite possibility.

Create Relevant Content For Your Website

This is a crucial stage. Your website needs content that search engines can find, understand, index and rank. What all that means is that we need your pages to get good search engine results. The way that this is done is by targeting key words and phrases that are relevant to the words and phrases that someone would enter into the search engine if they were looking for the products that you are promoting. However unlike every other affiliate marketing trainer on the planet, I would say, don’t get too bogged down by this at the start. If you start digging into keyword research from day one you won’t actually write anything. Just write naturally, write for your visitors, not for the search engines. You need to get as much content out there as you can in the first 2 or 3 months so that the search engines know that you really are a great resource for your subject.

As far as keywords and phrases go, just think about answering peoples questions. If you were in their shoes what questions would you be asking as a potential buyer of these products. If you work along those lines you will get off to a reasonable start. Think of questions along the lines of ‘What are the best climbing boots under £50?’ Compare Rucksack A with Rucksack B, What are the Top 10 Best Travel First Aid Kits.

Write an article, Title the article as your question, ask the question again in the first paragraph, answer the question in the last paragraph, use the question as the file name for any photos you use, get your affiliate link, put the link at the bottom of the page and in any product images. Write a minimum of 1500 words and then post your review article to your website. Then do it all over again with another question. Keep going for a few months writing a new one every day if possible, if not, every other day. Don’t give up and soon your online business will be away earning you an income 24/7.

Get Your Website Found By Search Engines

If search engines can’t find and index your website, you won’t get any visitors at all. So how do you get them to find it in the first place? Simple, Search for Google Search Console and open it with your Google account or create an account if you haven’t got one. Google Search Console calls websites ‘Properties’ you give it the web address of your property. It asks you to verify that you own the website. There are a few ways to do this, but I will show you anyway elsewhere on here. Once you are verified, you can submit a sitemap which shows Google all the pages of your website in one go, or you can add individual pages as and when you create them. Again my guides show you all of this. Very quickly Google will index your web page. It views each web page as an individual entity, connected to the rest of your website. Don’t confuse indexing with ranking. Indexing is Google having your web page in it’s database. Ranking is where it delivers your web page in the results. Indexing comes first ranking may or may not come second, it just depends on how Google rates your page compared to what else it has in its index. So make sure your page is well written, unique and of use to a visitor.

Monitor Your Website Progress

Google Search Console shows how your pages are doing in their index and how many impressions it has had (Impressions are basically opportunities for it to be seen, it shows how many times it has been clicked on and some of the search phrases. Google has an even more in depth tool called Google Analytics which shows this in even more depth and detail, you need to register your website and to add your unique code to your website to access this, but again it is very easy to do.

Create Some Links To Your Website

Everybody talks about links. Links are how the internet is navigated through. We find a website and we follow the links on the pages. Some links lead to other pages on that website (internal links). Some links lead to pages on other websites (external links). Websites and Webpages have scores given to them by Google. A new unknown website starts at 0 and slowly climbs higher towards 100, but no website actually gets that far. The late 80’s, early 90’s is about the top of the pile right now. Your website as a whole, one day might be scored at say 26, a new page starts at 0 and works its way up. Every link from one page to another is a vote for that page, so a 10 page in a 26 website has 10 votes, these votes are divided between the number of links, 10 links from a 10 page gives a 1 to each page it links to. This is a very basic explanation, in reality there are a lot of other parameters and metrics involved but this simplified version should help you to understand.

Every link is a vote passed to the page it links to and Google uses that score as part of the ranking process. If you could get a 50 page somewhere out there to link to one of your pages, and you were the only link on the page (highly unlikely) your page would get the full 50 boost and Google would deliver your page so much higher in the results. The rest of your webpages would also benefit because links out of that page to your other pages passes that score on. It used to be known as ‘link juice’. So, the more links into your website you can get, the better, however poor quality links are of no use to you. Imagine a 1 score page linking to 100 other web pages. It would do nothing for your score, so don’t bother trying to get links from low quality pages, they will help but only a tiny, teeny little bit. I will cover link building in more detail in another article.

Continue Adding New Content To Your Website

Don;t stop adding content, content is what constantly adds more visitors, it attracts links and link juice and Google likes to see regular new content and the more you write the more chance of getting some of those Google top spots. Once you have a few months and say 50-90 pages on your website you can start using Google analytics to discover new pieces to write, but more of that elsewhere.

So there you have it in a nutshell How To Start Your New Online Income

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