Can You Really Make Money While You Sleep?

Yes you really can make money while you sleep, the thing is that it isn’t unusual. Every online business is operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so it can make money whilst its owner sleeps. What you have to work out is how you can have your own online business that makes YOU money whilst you sleep.

The best way is to have a business that not only works for you when you are sleeping, but is completely automated so that it makes money for you on autopilot 24 hours a day. Is that possible?

Again yes it is possible. On autopilot doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything to run the business, it just means that you only have to do something to run the business when you feel like it and what’s more you can run the business from anywhere in the world, from your laptop.

When an online business is fully automated it just does it’s thing, the hardest part is getting enough eyes on your business to make it work. Without visitors seeing your product you can’t sell it and whatever your product is, you will have thousands of competitors all vying for the same people to see and buy their product instead of yours.

But first of all let’s look at the types of business that can operate on autopilot.

Sell Digital Downloads

If you have digital products to sell then you can do it automatically so that when the payment is made the product is automatically delivered to them by email. There are a few ways to do this but the easiest method to get started is to sell digital products o Ebay. Digital products are anything that you can deliver online by direct download or by email. This a include software but the most common digital products are ebooks. These are simply a book written using Microdoft Word which is then converted to a pdf. You need a nice design for the cover of your ebook, then off you go and start to list them for sale. The problem with selling ebooks on Ebay is that there is a huge amount of competition, you ebay’s fees to pay and you are selling to a mass market rather than a niche market. It is also difficult to build a brand on Ebay, you are just a name amongst thousands of other names. Don’t get me wrong Ebay is a great place to start to sell digital downloads but if you apply a little strategy you can sell more.

If you are serious about making a business from selling digital downloads then you need to build a brand. To build a brand you need to specialize, it’s no good just selling ebooks about anything and everything, you need to find your own niche something that you can become known for. When looking for a niche it is usually best to go for something that you already have an interest in, it could be golf or tennis perhaps, but don’t go for sport in general you need to be more specific than that. Don’t go for a broad topic like animals, go for cats or dogs or rabbits. If you have a particular hobby then why not focus on that?

Next you want to create your own website around that topic and choose a suitable domain name to match your brand and niche, something like or similar. You get the idea, it does depend on what domain name is available, but choose carefully because that is your new brand name. You will also need webhosting because you are going to create a website using wordpress and woocommerce. WordPress is a great base for a website and Woocommerce is a plugin that turns it into an ecommerce online shop. The great thing about Woocommerce is that it is already set up to deliver digital download products. Read my other pages about web hosting, domain names and WordPress for more help in these areas.

Once you have your online store created you need to populate it with your ebooks. The most crucial important thing to remember here is that ‘content is king’. You need the search engines to find your website and to rank it highly for words and phrases relevant to the products you are selling. So, don’t skimp on your product description, this is how your visitors and potential customers are going to find you. I see it time and time again, someone creates an online shop and fills it with products but gives the product a quick two sentence description, and then wonders why they don’t sell. They don’t sell because nobody can find them because they aren’t getting discovered in searches and if they do there is little incentive for some to buy it, because there is no sales pitch and no call to action. It is far better to have 10 items for sale with well written descriptions with features and benefits than 200 items with barely a word.

But what about the ebooks I hear you asking? Where do I get these from? Well the first answer is that you could always create your own, but it has to represent value for money to your customer and either solve a problem that they have, or answer a question that they have. They have to be long enough to be considered value for money. 12 pages doesn’t really cut it. You should be looking at, at least 25 pages to be able to sell it for a few dollars. Alternatively put together a pack of 4 shorter ebooks together. The other method is to buy your Ebooks from someone else. There are plenty of sellers out there. You are looking for something called Private Label Rights or PLR. PLR Sellers will sell you ebooks with resale rights so you can buy one ebook then sell it on again as many times as you like. There are ebooks on just about every possible topic that you can imagine so you could build a collection of say 25 books to promote on your website. I would suggest that you start here

Whilst you new website is gaining traction and it will take several months for this to happen (I cover getting your website seen elsewhere) get back to selling your ebook collection on Ebay, but sell them under your new brand name so that there is connection between your own online store and your Ebay trading name.

Affiliate Marketing On Autopilot

The other way to make money whilst you sleep is by Affiliate Marketing. This is where you are promoting someone else’s product or service and you get paid a commission on all sales. You still need a website for this but you don’t need it be an ecommerce one. Just a simple WordPress website would be ideal. Just like with digital products you need to focus on a niche and again it helps if it is a subject that you already have an interest in because we are back to ‘content is king’. A website relies on it’s content to attract visitors, you can only get visitors if search engines find your site, index it and then deliver it in the results pages and the more competitive your subject is, the harder it is to compete with all the other similar websites out there. One of the hardest topics to compete in is internet marketing. I would have more visitors if my website was about a very specific niche activity, but I’m passionate about online marketing, have spent many years doing it, so decided to compete in the toughest niche out there, but you can choose something much easier. You just need to be able to write great content about it, and quite a lot of it.

So if you love working out and keeping fit and love the great outdoors, you could write about it, but not on such a broad scale as that. You might home in on keeping fit outdoors, maybe fell running? Now you have a specific niche to build your website around. You can write about locations and routes, things to see on your run, you can write reviews on running gear, boots, all weather gear, backpacks, drinking flasks, lightweight first aid kits, overnight gear. Places to stay overnight. The list is as long as you imagination lets it be.

So you build your website around that topic, you choose a domain name that suits your topic, that is now your brand name. You work out the various categories that you are going to write about and then start writing. Writing is the start of the process, because it is your unique words that are ultimately going to start bringing visitors to your website. Only start to get concerned with making the money once you have started get visitors because until then you are wasting good writing time.

This is the time investment part of earning money whilst you sleep. It just isn’t going to happen without you putting the work in up front. Let’s say you were going to build your initial content as reviews or top 10 best of reviews then identify your product categories, for fell running it would be the ones I listed earlier and maybe a few others. So you might have 10 product categories. In each category you want at least 5 posts (reviews, articles whatever you want to call them) for each category. Each one to be at least 1500 words in length. That is 50 articles to write containing around 75,000 words. That is a lot of writing and research, but you know your stuff, because you have chosen a niche that you enjoy and know about haven’t you. If you had chosen ballroom dancing clothing, you would be really struggling!

Those 50 articles might take you 2 months to write, and over these 2 months your website is starting to get seen, people are reading it and taking note, they are considering your recomendation for the best fell running shoe under $30 or the best lightweight rucksack under $100, or whatever your reviews are.

Now you need to monetize your website. You are looking to place links in each of those reviews that take your visitor to where they can easily buy the item and you earn a commission. You need to join an affiliate program. The easiest to join is Amazon, because pretty much all of your products are for sale there. This is the link for Amazon but you want to join the program for the country that your website targets. Oce you have joined it is simply a case of posting links in your reviews to each of the products.

It is also worth spending some time finding alternatives to Amazon because you will probably find others that pay a higher commission for the same product, so just google something like running shoe affiliate program(me) and see what pops up. Join as many relevant affiliate programs as you can and promote as many as you can.

That’s it, your earn whilst you sleep business is up and running. Now you can slow down the writing to maybe just a couple a week, remember, the more you write the more chances you have to make money whilst you sleep.

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