About Me

My name is Nick Colley

Yes I know, I’m no spring chicken, but I do have many years of experience on my side.

But let’s not let age to be a barrier to anything. I started this website to help others to help themselves.

We are all living in strange times. A vicious virus has created a worldwide pandemic that is claiming hundreds of thousands of lives. It is also seriously damaging businesses through enforced lockdowns. This has meant that retailers are closing stores or even going bust, worldwide, hundreds of thousands of people are finding themselves suddenly unemployed with little prospect of finding alternative employment. Small businesses are finding it increasingly more difficult to trade successfully. So what is my point, what can I do about it?

Well the intention of this website is to show that there is an alternative to traditional jobs, regardless of your age or experience I can show you how to create a new source of income. No, this isn’t a crazy, get rich quick scheme. I don’t need you to join my club, or buy any products from me. I just want to inspire you to explore uncharted territory with my help and support, I want to show you that working from home, just with a laptop, can provide you with a second income. I also want to show current small business owners how they can use the their laptop to create an additional income stream and to also increase their current turnover.

But why should you listen to me? Well I have been fortunate enough to make my living online and have done so for almost twenty years now. But let me tell you my full story, this is who I am and how I reached this point. Sorry but it’s a long story, well I have been around for some time now!

My Story

Childhood Adventures

I was born in Gloucestershire in England many years ago, but soon relocated to my parents home county of Staffordshire where I attended school. We didn’t stay there for long, before I was 10 my dad had this crazy idea to emigrate to Australia before the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme ended. This allowed adults to pay just £10 each for the flight to Australia and their children traveled free of charge. My mum wasn’t so keen but my dad thought it was the new start they needed so off we went. Mum, Dad, me and my 2 sisters. When we arrived at Perth in Western Australia we were transferred a camp called Graylands Migrant Hostel. This was a large sprawling camp of corrugated iron buildings, well huts really, on stilts to keep them above ground. I can only vaguely remember it myself, but I can remember toilet blocks and the corrugated iron. But it was an adventure, I’m not sure how long we were here, but maybe a year. Once my dad had got himself a job we were able to move to a proper house that he rented in a place called Guildford. The house was modern and we had a car, so quite a step on from the migrant hostel, I remember the town itself seemed like something out of a wild west town with its wooden pavements with covered verandas to keep the sun off them.

A year or so later we were on the move again to the town of Darlington about 10 miles inland. This was a very rural area. Our his was again rented but this time was very different. It was a large detached property set on a hillside with a driveway in and out that also swept right around behind the house. It had a covered veranda outside the whole house with a large sun deck at the rear. The lounge had a central staircase going down to the garage and a lower bedroom at the back of the house. This lower bedroom was my room with its own back door out onto the rear garden which was just wild bushland and you couldn’t really say where the garden ended and the bush began, but a great place for a young teenager like me to live. My dad had a milk round, which because of the heat was done overnight, otherwise the milk would go off. I worked every other night with him, finishing at 3 in the morning, before getting a few hours sleep then getting to school for an 8 o’clock start. on Friday nights I did the full night with him. I can remember constantly having to clear spider webs from across peoples paths to get to their front doors. The spiders made their webs at night to catch their prey and there was nothing worse than walking straight into them and the spider. As you can imagine australian spiders can be pretty fearsome beasts, so I always carried a large stick to clear my way through them.

Of course this didn’t last for long, a year later we were off again. This time moving around 1000 miles north into the vast deserts of northern Western Australia to the mining town of Mount Newman. My dad had got a job working repairing heavy plant at the huge open cast iron ore mine there. It was literally in the middle of nowhere, but for me it was just another adventure. My new school friends and I would disappear off into the desert scrubland, chasing kangaroos and catching scorpions. Looking for snakes and lizards. We would visit the mines caravan parks where the male residents would give us food and water. Again this didn’t last long, by now my mum was fed up of the solitary lifestyle and being so far from her family so dad reluctantly agreed to return to England, but their was no assisted fare back and we couldn’t afford for us all to go together. So mum went first with my youngest sister who was probably only about 5 then. My eldest sister and I stayed on in Mount Newman with my dad until he could afford to pay some more air fares. It was probably a year later when my sister and I made the flight from Mount Newman to Perth and then changed planes to fly the 1 hours from Perth to London. We traveled alone even though we were probably 12 and 13 at the time. We were then collected at Heathrow by a relative and driven back to Staffordshire where my mum was living with my gran. I remember how shocked she was by my long hair as I hadn’t had it cut since she came back. There we stayed until my dad finally returned to England.

We couldn’t stay with my gran for much longer and my dad soon found work at the Boulby potash mine in Yorkshire. We all moved north and stayed at the caravan site at Flamingoland Theme Park & Zoo in North Yorkshire, we stayed here for 6 weeks whilst we looked for something more permanent. Again a bit of an adventure but that was my dad for you, always on the move always moving us on.

We then moved to the Victorian seaside town of Saltburn, with it’s pier and water powered cliff lift. Here my family finally put down roots and settled in. Both my sisters are married and still live in the town as does my now widowed mother. It is here that I finished my schooling.

The start of my working life

I didn’t attend any form of further education, I just went straight into work, travelling on the train each day to my job at an insurance company in Middlesbrough where I was a lowly filing clerk. Here I met my first proper girlfriend and was then broken hearted when she moved back to her family in Scotland.

Since my early teens I had really been into cars, not tinkering with them, just driving them and reading countless road tests about them. I bought my dad’s Ford Cortina off him, then swapped it for an Austin Allegro, then a Chrysler Alpine and a Triumph Spitfire. Nothing too glamorous about them, but they were all that I could afford. Then I had an idea, why didn’t I just get a job with a company car?, just imagine a shiny brand new car that somebody else had paid for!

So what jobs came with a car? The only one’s that I seemed to be even marginally qualified to do were sales reps jobs. So I set about applying for these types of jobs. I got an interview with Ross Frozen Fish, but thankfully didn’t get the job…I don’t like fish. I had an interview with Phillip Moss International who make Marlborough cigarettes. I don’t smoke but had to smoke through the interview and look like I was enjoying it. Not surprisingly I didn’t get that job either. Eventually I had an interview with the GMAC, the finance arm of General Motors, they were looking for a ‘Field Representative’, it came with a new Vauxhall company car that was replaced every 6-10 weeks…perfect! I was offered the job there and then, but there was a catch, I would be based at their Manchester office and would have to relocate. No problem for a nomad like me who had recently split up with his girlfriend, so the following month I was staying in a Manchester hotel at the company’s expense whilst I looked for somewhere to rent. I soon found a bedsit in Sale about 5 minutes drive from the Manchester office and I picked up my first company car….a Vauxhall Nova base model with a boot, but I loved it. Ten weeks later it was replaced by a Vauxhall Astra 1.6L….even better. And so it went on.

Now the title ‘Field Representative’ covered two very different roles. For half of the month I was visiting Vauxhall/Opel dealerships around the north West of England to carry out stock checks. Every car belonged to Vauxhall until the dealer had sold it, then the money was debited from the dealers bank account. I turned up with a stock list and had to physically check that every car on the list was on site and in some cases that could be over a thousand cars. Most were easy to find in the showroom, or in the car park but most dealers had storage compounds away from the main showroom, some had them in fields, disused graveyards and chicken sheds. They had to prove that every single car on the list was there. I became very used to opening locked cars without the use of a key as I needed to physically check the chassis number against my list.

The other half of the month was acting as the company debt collector and repossession agent. If a retail customer financed the car, which most did, but then got into arrears with their payment, it was my job to visit them to collect payment … or the car. It was a bit of a detective job because they didn’t want to lose the car, even though they couldn’t afford to pay for it. I would be outside homes at 4 in the morning watching them leave for work, enquiring with neighbours and known work places. I’ve had guns and knives pulled on me, but it was just part of the job. I started to see a girl from work and soon we were living together. The bedsit owners wouldn’t entertain any ‘funny business’ so I relocated to a much more seedy bedsit in Altrincham so that my girlfriend could move in to. It was pretty grim, with a shared bathroom and a dodgy gas oven and soon we were getting fed up with it so, rented a new flat conversion. It was in a rough part of North Manchester but the flat itself was brand new and very nice. One day I came home to find a police officer waiting inside. We had been burgled and everything of value taken, this spurred us on to find somewhere nicer to live and we started to look at buying somewhere in a nicer area. We decided that Northwich in Cheshire was the place, it was close enough to commute and the area was what we were looking for. One saturday we were viewing houses when we spotted a car that we had been trying to repossess for a couple of months. It was parked outside the ‘owners’ mum’s house in Barnton, just outside Northwich, so we pounced and got it back. Earning me a smack round the head by his mother and her handbag. I bumped into her in the town a few weeks later and she apologised for her actions. My girlfriend and I then bought a house in Barnton, a lovely little end of terrace cottage and stayed there for the next four year… that’s a long time for me.

By now I had been promoted at GMAC and was now office based….and no longer had my beloved company car! That wouldn’t do so I kept my eyes open for another opportunity. One day I was scanning the local newspaper and saw an advertisement for a ‘Sales Representative’ for a company called Martin Dawes Communications. They were holding open interviews at a hotel and anyone could come along. The job came with full training and a company car and seemed to have more earning potential than my position at GMAC, so I thought I would go along, just for the experience. So the nest day turned up at this hotel.

Getting into Sales and having to think outside the box

The hotel’s large dining hall was laid out like a school exam hall with around a hundred little desks, those ones with a little table that pivots to one side side so that you can sit down and stand up. The room was packed with almost every desk in use. On entry I was given a sheet to fill in, it was some sort of aptitude test. You then handed this in and they gave you an application form to fill in. I had seen people filling in each form and then when they handed the application form in they were told that they would be in touch. This is what I was expecting when I took my application form back to the main desk, but they said to go through that door over there. I did and there was a Manager sitting at a sofa, I was invited to sit down and was interviewed. After the interview I was told to go into a room off the corridor. I did this and there was a lady sitting at a desk, she just said ‘Stop…..tell me a joke!’. I did and she just said OK go into the next room along the corridor. I did and the person in that room asked to sit down opposite them at a desk. As soon as I sat down I was handed a glass ashtray and told to sell them the features and benefits of the ashtray. After this I was told to move on to the next room. Here I was told to stop and to sing a song. Then in the next room I was to sell the person on the features and benefits of the carpet on the floor. In the next room I was asked to pick a subject off a sheet and to speak for two minutes on that topic. The next room was the final room. After entering I was told that I was auditioning for a part in a pantomime and that my part was the Goose that laid the Golden Egg and to audition for the part. By now I was bemused by the whole thing but went for it. At the end of this bizarre process just 4 off the 400+ who turned up that day were offerred jobs. I was now a ‘Sales Representative’, but selling what?

Martin Dawes Communications was at the forefront of business communications technology and they were building a larger team to supplement the Salesman and Sales Manager that they currently had, and we were the team. The product that we were selling was a new device called a fax machine, you will probably remember these, they were effectively a small photocopier that sent the copy over a telephone line to print out somewhere else in the world. A technological marvel at the time but now no longer needed as email can do the same and more. The problem back then that nobody had one and unless you knew someone who had one you couldn’t send your copy anywhere. We were right at the start of this technology so we cold called every business we could. Calling Campbells Soup and Ford Motor Company, travelling the UK demonstrating this futuristic marvel. But at the time this was a basic box that you plugged a telephone into to dial the other machine. It printed out onto thermal paper and the price started at £3000 for a basic unit and nobody else had one! After a bit of head scratching and a few false starts I decided that the other guys were just banging their heads against a wall trying to sell to somebody who didn’t know anyone else with one to send things to. Eventually I decided to focus on companies with regional offices to sell one to each branch to speed up their interoffice communication and soon they took off, so not only did I get sales but I was selling multiple units. My one sale could be for 6 units. Then next I would target the people that company dealt with and sell to them. Soon I was selling more than anyone else.

Next I was asked by the Sales Manager to move with him to his own new business operating in the same field. In fact the whole team went, much to the previous company’s annoyance, They did try to stop us trading by way of a High Court writ, but we challenged that and they ultimately backed down and we were in business. The Sales Manager was now a director and I was the Sales Manager. Some years later I was head hunted by a similar organization setting up a new branch in the North West, they wanted me to be their Regional Sales Manager and as I already knew one of their Directors I decided to join them. We started the new branch from his dining room. The only vehicle we had to start with was the group chairman’s chauffeur driven Bentley. This was quite amusing because three of us would sit in the back whilst the driver in traditional grey uniform. peaked cap and black knee high boots drove us to our business meetings. Soon however we obtained premises and our new company cars.

Over the next 8 years I worked for another small office equipment dealer whose manager was always high on cocaine and then a large international photocopier manufacturer before finally wanting a change from selling office equipment. But what next?

The Supercar Years and SOLVING MORE PROBLEMS

My love of cars was still there and I wondered whether selling cars would be for me, but not just any cars, if I was going to do this, I wanted to go straight to the top and start with Ferrari. So what did I do? I looked in the Yellow pages (this was the early 1990’s!) to find out where my nearest Ferrari dealer was. I already knew really but I needed their phone number as well. They were based in Wilmslow in Cheshire home to Manchester United’s footballers and their wives and girlfriends (wags as they were known). I telephoned the dealer asked to speak to the Dealer Principal (the boss) and told him that I would like to come to sell Ferrari’s for him. He was a little taken aback by the approach as I was only in my early 20’s at the time, he asked me if I had any experience in the luxury car market? I said no. He asked if I had any car sales experience? I again said no. The conversation ended by him saying that I should come in to see him the next day. I did just that. He said that Ferrari was actually a difficult brand to sell in the current climate and they had one particular new unregistered Ferrari Testarossa that was actually 4 years old. I said that that would be my problem, not his and I was confident that I could get things moving. So I was offered the job as Ferrari Sales Specialist. I was so excited, this was really my dream job and I had pulled it off. I started a few weeks later and was just told to drive the cars and to get a feel for them. We had a small stock of used cars and around 12 new cars due later in the year. That first night a Ferrari Testarossa was parked on my drive at home! My friends couldn’t believe it,my neighbours thought that I was dealing drugs! Ferrari insist that any authorised sales staff complete their high speed driving course, so I duly attended and spent a day being taught how to drive them on a racetrack and how to safely drive them at speed on public roads. The road instructor was a police driving instructor who taught me various techniques. The racetrack instructor was an experienced racing driver.

As well as Ferrari, the dealership also was the main dealer for Porsche, Aston Martin, AC, Rolls Royce and Bentley. I covered for the Rolls Royce/Bentley salesperson if he was away and vice versa so I ended up on a lot of Rolly Royce/Bentley functions as well. There used to be driver days where we had breakfast at one stately home, lunch at another and then afternoon tea at another so it was quite good fun mixing with Lord and Lady Somebody. We had to see everyone off in stages and we would set off after the last car had gone, but we had to get to the next destination before the first car arrived, so that usually involved hurtling 2 tons of Bentley cross country as quickly as we could. At one time I was contacted by the North Wales Tourist Board, they were putting on a classic car show and liked the idea of doing a classic cars of the future exhibition and could I possibly arrange to bring a Ferrari and a few other cars along for such as display. They would put us up for the night. I asked about secure storage for cars overnight, they said that there was storage under a nearby power station that was secure and not accessible to the public. So I said that I would bring something nice along. Ferrari had a small fleet of cars that were used as road test cars for the big car magazines and were loaned to dealers for customer demonstrations. At the time the new version of the Testarossa was a 195mph beast called the 512TR. I booked this from Ferrari for a week to cross over the North Wales show weekend and arranged to take an AC Cobra, an Aston Martin DB7 and a Porsche 911 Turbo. A few days before we were due to collect the Ferrari I called them to say when our transporter would be there to collect it. There was a little bit of a panic on when they realised that they had double booked it and it had already gone to one of the national magazines. I explained that this was an issue as I had booked it first and could not let the show people down. They said sorry but there was nothing they could. Now at this time there was a brand new car that Ferrari had just launched, it was the 456GT, it had not been seen on the roads and hadn’t been tested by any magazines, but I knew that the first UK car was registered and was under lock and key at Ferrari’s UK headquarters. So I said that the only possible solution was that I took the 456GT instead. They didn’t really have a way out. It was there for dealers and magazine road tests but it hadn’t been out on the roads yet but they reluctantly agreed that I could have it. On the day of collection, a few days later the transporter collected it and headed north with it. I had to have it at the power station by 6.00 pm so I arranged to meet him at Keele services on the M6 motorway. I was in a bright Speed Yellow Porsche heading from Wilmslow down the M6 and I arrived at Keele around 3.00 pm. He was already waiting in his covered transporter with it angled down to the ground so I parked the Porsche alongside ran up into the back, jumped in and reversed the Ferrari off and replaced it with Porsche and headed off to Wales. Now at the time there was nothing else on the roads that looked anything like the 456GT it just looked amazing. I stopped for fuel and it just gathered people, but soon I had it tucked away, underground in Wales and I used the car as my own for the next week. At the time my usual daily driver was a newly registered Ferrari 348 GT Competizione. This was an incredibly rare car. Ferrari only made 50 for the worldwide market and just 8 came to the UK individually numbered and significantly different to the ‘standard’ Ferrari 348 GTB that it was based on and it was my everyday car. What a strange world it was back then. I have many more Ferrari stories but I must move on as I did from Ferrari…….but why would you do that you might ask?

This used to be ‘my’ Ferrari 348GT Competizione Chassis number ZFFUA35C000099080 1st Registered 30/08/1904

Well I had become too successful to be honest, after the 348 came the 355 and I sold out my next 3 years allocation of cars and what with my now honed system of sourcing used Ferrari’s for my clients I was on target to be earning around £150k per annum for the next 3 years but the dealership was part of a national group who couldn’t have someone earn that much as a ‘car salesman’ so cut my commission by 80%!. My sales methods had been far more success than they had expected. By coincidence a week earlier I had been to a road opening function where I ferried dignitaries about in a Testarossa. Whilst there I was talking to the Sales Manager of another Porsche dealership who was doing the same. He said that if I ever wanted to move on that there was always a place for me there. I called him and switched from Ferrari to Porsche, of course I already knew the range inside out from my current position.

I have many Porsche tales to tell too. Including the 21 year old who turned up at the showroom with his pals, they were a bit scruffy and in a battered old Peugeot. They asked if they could look around and sit in the cars, I said yes, we always had young lads looking around and they were polite enough to ask first. A couple of days later he came back on his own and told me that he had won £21 million on the lottery and because I hadn’t thrown them out he was going to buy his brother a Porsche, so I talked him through the models and he decided on a particular new Porsche 911 that I had available. On the day of collection he turned up with his friends and brother. We got talking about a car for him, he said he wasn’t that bothered by cars but everyone was telling him to treat himself to something special. He asked what the most special Porsche was. I started to tell him about the limited edition 911 GT2, only 6 were coming to the UK, but they might do one more but they were 350,000 Euros. I only had a couple of photos to show him but he ordered it, but being a special limited edition it had to be collected from the factory in Germany. I was going to be there anyway for the launch of the new Boxter so we timed it to collect the GT2 at the same time.

There is an even funnier story relating to the lottery winner but this page is way too long and tedious already.

After a while I left car sales and dabbled with office equipment once more, then mobile phones, before another stint with office equipment. Then a chance meeting with an old friend from my Porsche days led me back into car sales and I ended up working for an independent prestige car specialist. This was owned by a very wealthy entrepreneur with several successful businesses. One of them was completely unrelated to cars, one day he said to me when you get fed up selling cars lets talk about what you want to do next. That day eventually came, but not before we had a few adventures, including travelling to Belgium to order more than a million pounds worth of cars in one meeting!

Me meeting the internet for the first time

When the day came I said I wanted in on the only none car based business he had. It was a small home textile based business. I took it on as General Manager, then bought in as a partner, then recently bought him out and am now the sole proprietor. At the start I knew nothing about websites, or online sales, in fact computers were a bit of a no go area for me, but I knew that this internet thing was big. This was now 2003 and the internet was still something new. However I saw the potential and bought a website in a box, just open, click a few things, write a description and put in a price. It looked horrendous, I can’t describe how bad it looked but then I made a Google adwords account and put 5 pounds in it, that’s how it worked back then. I chose my keywords and sat back. A whole 15 minutes later somebody bought something, then half an hour later someone else did. I was hooked, I could sell online, I could make this internet thing work. I let the horrible looking website run unchanged for the best part of a year as I focused on other areas of the business such as staff and product design, packaging design and so on. But then returned to the website and decided that a better looking website would probably produce more sales. I still knew very little about websites and how the were built so I contracted a local website designer to build me a better website. The new website looked so much better and straight away we saw an increase in sales. It just looked much more professional now.

MY discovery of SOMETHING known as SEO

At this point I decided to try to understand how some websites appear higher in the search engine results than others. I discovered SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. This was things that you could do to your web page to make it appear higher for target keywords and phrases, I applied myself to this and learnt how to do it. After a few months the website was appearing at the top of the first page for every possible keyword I wanted it to. This was still relatively early on in internet terms. The great thing was that I had a product that everybody needed, that hardly anybody else sold. The perfect product…..except. Well the problem was that we did such a good job that we were noticed by the big boys. They wanted a share of this market and very soon department stores and supermarket chains were having their own versions made, and as they all jumped on the internet as well we were slowly being pushed back down the rankings as everyone from Amazon and Ebay to Walmart, Selfrides, Argos and Boots started to promote their version of the product.

We had to think again. We couldn’t supply these big chains, they just got their usual people in China or Pakistan to supply far more cheaply than we could. We didn’t have the marketing budget to compete with their online advertising campaigns. So I restructured, I went back looking for the niche that they were missing, we went long tail (we’ll cover this in more detail elsewhere), hitting the areas that they missed, either with specialist products to solve specific issues or specific sizes that they couldn’t stock and started to claw back our market. We became known as a very specialist supplier of the best product of its type. People wanted to buy my particular brand of product.

So there we are. I have spent many years making online selling work, tweaking and changing my proposition as my competitors changed theirs, just keeping ahead of them and now here to help and advise others on how to do the same. I’m not some teenage imposter offering a get rich quick scheme, I’ve spent my life making selling work, finding solutions to problems and now, I’m here to help others. Over the years I have created something like 50+ websites on my own with no outside help, no special training just the ability to use the tools around me and just figuring it out as I went along. I have created informational websites, affiliate marketing websites, Google Adsense websites, blogs and ecommerce websites. I have built them using Ecommerce systems such as Shopify, Early Impact ProductCart, Prestashop, WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento and nopCommerce. I have scaled businesses from almost nothing to half a million pounds in a relatively short time, so I kind of do know what I am doing.

I will help anyone to start making a living online, whether you are a carpenter who needs to promote his services online locally, or you are in your 50’s and out of work and need to find another income, or you are in a job that you don’t like and want to find a way out of it. There are hundreds of ways to start making money online with just a laptop and some good advice, so strap yourself in, buckle up join me on your next adventure.

What’s in it for me is the obvious question, why would I do this? The simple honest answer is that by helping others I have the opportunity to earn too. Throughout my advice and training I may suggest certain products or services. These are services that I use myself because they work well and are essential to online success. If you decide to use these same services then I earn a commission, but you are not obliged to use them if you don’t want to.

Sorry that was a very long ramble about how I got to where I am today, but the point is, I’ve done a lot, I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve laughed a lot. I’m a real person with real experience and now I want to help you and others to use the internet to make a decent living. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t that technically minded, neither was I. I left school at 17 and taught myself how to survive, how to earn money and I can teach you to. If you want to be part of this next chapter the subscribe to my newsletter then I know you are there. I won’t hassle you or try to make you buy anything I will just show you.

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